Volunteer for the SF Community Housing Act for when we file in 2020!
We're running an unapologetic campaign for Public Housing for Everyone! Affordable housing is a human right, and San Francisco has to lead! Our measure will create a municipal housing infrastructure in San Francisco, with affordable rents, union jobs, financially sustainability, and a focus on the working class.

Are you good at pitching ideas or public speaking? Are you pretty social in SF or do you have a bunch of friends/followers online? Do you have 2 hours free per week to help collect signatures when we start our campaign in 2020? How about experience with tech, web design, or graphic design?

We need EVERYONE to pitch-in!

No matter what your background, you have something to contribute to this movement. And it's going to take all of us joining hands across the city to bring Public Housing for Everyone to San Francisco!
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Can you dedicate 2 hours a week to collect signatures when we begin our campaign in 2020? *
Is there something you're good at, or that you really want to do to help? Think fundraisers, graphic design, writing, social media, anything!
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Are you involved with any groups, businesses, or events where someone from the SFCHA could speak, or where we could collaborate somehow?
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