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**Note**: Assessments provided are consistent with recognized best practices in the field. While we aim to be responsive to all submissions, it is not always possible to provide assessments within a requested timeline. KSSB requests access to a student’s customary environment and input from local team members in order to complete an assessment that provides the district with useful information. Our consultants use consistent, thorough processes while exercising professional judgment at each step in the process.
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**PLEASE NOTE** These reports MUST be received before a KSSB Service Plan can be developed. (Current within 1 year)
Send to: blind-reports@kssdb.org

-Current Comprehensive Evaluation
-Medical records indicating vision diagnosis
-Ophthalmological/Optometric Examination Report
Additional reports - Please submit if available

Functional Vision Assessment
Learning Media Assessment
Orientation & Mobility Evaluation
Low Vision Evaluation
I understand services will not be provided until this information is received.
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Primary Parent/Guardian
While a student may have multiple parents or guardians on file with the school, we need one to be designated as the primary for record keeping purposes.
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This is often someone other than the SPED Director. This relates to those services for which there is a charge. Some services are free.
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