EARLY REGISTRATION 2020 Racial Equity Challenge
The Challenge will run from March 30 through April 19. We will send you alerts and some preparation materials in advance.

Please sign up via the form below. The data we are gathering here will help us to better understand who is participating so that we can make the Challenge better over time. Your answers will be kept confidential.

Food Solutions New England, a regional network hosted by the UNH Sustainability Institute, is honored to organize the sixth annual 21-Day FSNE Racial Equity Challenge. For more information, visit:
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Are you interested in organizing a small group of Challenge participants at your school/organization that might want to do the Challenge together? We offer a Discussion Guide & possibly other resources for organizers. (This is just an expression of interest, not a commitment)
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OPTIONAL: If you answered "yes" to being interested in organizing a small group at your school, workplace, etc....
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Can organize a weekly time/space for a Racial Equity Challenge Conversation
Can use the provided Discussion Guide (available in March)
Can give some feedback to FSNE after the Challenge letting them know how it went (good, bad or neutral).
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