PCF Young  Adult  Referral Form
Use this form to make referrals for ANY person of ANY age, but our primary focus is to identify and reach out to YOUNG ADULTS (ages 18-40) who may resonate with Pax Christi’s spirituality, a commitment to nonviolence, and a willingness to help advance our collective action for peace and justice in the Sunshine State. Use one form for each referral. You can come back to the form to make multiple referral submissions.

You can indicate in the form if you prefer to do the “outreach” yourself, or if you would rather have a member of our Outreach Team make the contact. If you choose the option to do the outreach yourself, you will not be required to submit the person’s name and contact information. We will forward you “talking points” and suggestions on how to do the outreach, as well as detailed information on how you can invite the individual to participate in one of several OUTREACH WEBINARS scheduled in early December.  At those webinars, persons who are interested in learning more about Pax Christi will have the opportunity to “meet” other young adults as well as seasoned Pax Christi members, and share their experience and mutual desire to build a better world.
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Consider individuals  whom you may know personally or know of through another source. They may likely be individuals who demonstrate some engagement with peace and justice, around any issue. They may or may not be “practicing Catholics,” but nonetheless evidence some resonance with the spirituality, values and actions of Pax Christi in Florida. If you haven’t reviewed it already, you may want to go back to the YAOI page on the PCF website and click on “Profile” to learn about the kind of person we are looking for.
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