Workshop 3D-scanning and Blender animation
Welcome, to the Makerslink: Workshop on 3D scanning. We recently completed the build of our photogrammetric 3D Scanner and we want everyone to go crazy and use it!

Makerslink is an open association in Linköping for Makers! Find out more at . The workshop will be at our premises on Westmansgatan 42, in Linköping ! Check out the website for more information.

We will be learning how to operate the scanner itself, how to use the accompanying software to create your model. We will also learn a bit about Blender and how you can use it to adapt, clean up and change your 3D model. As part of the lesson we will also learn how to use Blender to make a 3D animation movie.

If you have a relatively good laptop then please feel free to bring it and preinstall Blender!
We also have three computers to use at the Makerspace in case you don't have a laptop.

Also stuff you can download:

Meshroom :
3dF Zephyr :

There are several workshops planned and we will limit the participants to 5 people per session. Sign up now here for the first session on a first come and first serve basis. This workshop is meant for non-members. We hope of course that you will be motivated to sign up as a member and become part of our crazy group of Makers, Tinkerers and Hackers.

For obvious reasons, if you feel unwell please don't take a risk and stay home. We will plan a remote session especially for you!

Feel free to watch some videos beforehand on 3D scanning, Blender and Photogrammetry.

Video on Photogrammetry :
OpenScan Scanner :

The first session is on Monday, 12th October at 18.00 PM ! Please feel free to sign up. We will organize more sessions and will let all that didn't make it on to the first batch know !

This workshop will be held in English but you can ask questions in Swedish (AND GERMAN) also !

Watch what awaits you !
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