ZOO 200 Student Questionnaire, Spring 2017
Directions: Please provide on the form below the information requested. When finsihed, click the submit button. No need to click the edit icon, i.e., the pencil graphic, that you may see in the upper right (not all will see it); you already have access to the form by being on this page. The questionnaire is optional but I strongly encourage you fill it out! Thank you, Dr. C.
Which section are you enrolled in?
Please enter your first name (or middle name if that's what you go by) and last name:
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What is the name you would like to go by in class?
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What is your preferred email address?
You can enter more than one address.
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What is your preferred text message number? I may send out texts now and then, especially if there is an urgent notice such as a class cancellation. Any information in a text would also be communicated through email and/or announcements on Blackboard.
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Please indicate which of the following Palomar College life science courses you have taken in the last 5 years (choose the Palomar equivalent if you've taken the courses at other colleges). Please select all that apply.
What is the most advanced diploma, certificate, or degree you have received?
Which of these classes are you also taking this term? Please select all that apply.
What is your academic load this term?
How many hours per week are you working this term?
What is your career goal? (Though you may have more than one, please choose the single goal you are most passionate about.)
If your goal is a BSN (Bachelor's in Nursing), would you still be applying to a AA nursing program?
Please share anything else you'd like, such as your hobbies, family situation, life experiences, etc.
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