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Ramadan is fast approaching, it's the time when many Muslims calculate and pay their Zakat. No matter where you intend to pay your Zakat, let NZF assist you when it comes to understanding and calculating it accurately and confidently.
Zakat Appointments
Have complex Zakat calculations that you need assistance with?
Perhaps you run a business and need to discuss the details of how to calculate Zakat in person with a qualified local expert?

Perhaps you've missed your Zakat for the past 15 years and are not sure how to make up for it?
Perhaps you're confused between your spouse and yourself how to calculate and who is responsible to pay Zakat?

In the lead up to Ramadan, we will be running a Zakat Clinic on Saturdays, 9 AM to 1 PM at your local Zakat Centre!

Simply pick a date & time and we will confirm your appointment with a local Zakat expert insha Allah.

List specific topics that you would like us to discuss if any:
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