Application for Health Assessment Consult
I'm thrilled to help you see what's possible with your health!  This application is for a 15-minute Zoom Health Assessment Consultation with me, Dr. Jerry Duggar.  It's the beginning of the enrollment process for my private membership practice.  

During our 15-minute Zoom Health Assessment Consultation, I'll ask specific questions about your symptoms to see if functional medicine is helpful for your case.  If we are a good fit to work together, you'll be invited to make an initial appointment.  If we aren't a good fit, you'll walk away with a personalized email directly from me that helps steer you in the right direction with additional articles, videos and resources to consider!  Win/win!

My functional medicine private practice is very unique and innovative.  It's less of a "doctor's visit" and more of a "guided partnership" to sequence your steps to better health.  Therefore, I only invite those action-takers that are ready to utilize health coaching, group sessions, private appointments, online classes and videos to help themselves uncover better energy, deeper sleep and improved vitality.

Have a wonderful day!

- Dr. Jerry
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If you are not a resident of Utah, we cannot establish a Doctor/Patient relationship with you. We can, however, engage in a health coach/client relationship and this will be discussed during our appointment.
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