MARCHING BAND COMMITMENT FORM (read the information below and fill out the form)
Dear Parents and Students,

The time has come once again to begin plans for the summer and fall marching band. If you are keeping track of the BTCS band program, you will know that things are going extremely well! There are many successes to celebrate, i.e. our chamber ensembles (percussion, woodwinds, brass, etc.), our winter guard having a great season, sending a large group to All-East, the marching band's performance in the Atlanta St. Patrick's Day Parade, and our UNDEFEATED MARCHING BAND SEASON! If you are wondering what the band program is all about, check out our website ( The tradition of Tennessee High School and its bands is one of the strongest in the state and we are extremely proud of that!

This information, and the form below, is a marching band contract and commitment form. The marching band is an extremely enjoyable activity for the students, but also requires a lot of time and hard work from both students and parents. The marching band at THS is of the highest quality and it is only getting stronger. Your dedication and commitment will help us achieve our goal to be the best band around. If band were not enjoyable, students would not continue to sign up for it year after year. The retention rate once students join 9th grade band is very high! We lose very few members once they join high school band. My recommendation is for students to simply give it a try their freshmen year - there's really not much to lose.

It takes time and money to give our band students such amazing opportunities, experiences, and lifelong memories. When your family joins the band program, the band boosters respectfully ask for a donation of $350. This donation serves as the student's "fair share" amount to help offset expenses, i.e. transportation, staff, equipment, travel expenses, meals for students, music, drill design, etc. These donations are HIGHLY encouraged and are completely tax deductible. Without donations from our students’ families, we would not be able to operate such a successful program.

$150 will be due by May 17 to reserve your child's spot in the marching show, $100 is due at band camp registration on July 13 to help pay for staff and marching band expenses (band camp, music, staff, t-shirts, etc.), and the remaining $100 is due by August 5 (the first day of school) to finish paying for marching band expenses. Please adhere to these suggested deadlines because many of our expenses will be pre-paid by the band boosters. Should you need a modified payment schedule, we can accommodate you. Band also requires certain purchases (i.e. wind suit, black marching shoes, gloves, etc.); however, most of these purchases need only be made the student’s freshman year. You will pay for these items at band camp registration (more info to follow about prices).

We also have invaluable opportunities for fundraising throughout the year. We ask the parents and students to volunteer time to aid in our major fundraising efforts held throughout the year. These include Viking Hall concessions, Racetrack Souvenir Stands, Music in the Castle, and a few others. We also hold a fall and spring fundraiser to help offset expenses. Without parents and students volunteering their time, we will not receive these much needed donations.

And finally, band takes practice! At the high school level, we have many rehearsals and performances throughout the year. See below for our first draft of the summer/fall schedule. All available summer dates are set in stone, some fall dates have not been entered yet.

What are the benefits of marching band?

*Friends! From day one, students have a huge support system! Band is a big family and students will learn to depend upon one another. Students are brought together through music, practice, and performance!

*Exercise! It is said that students will burn 200-400 calories per hour of marching band (depending on weight and intensity of drill). Most band students drop quite a few pounds during marching season.

*Life skills! Students are taught not only music, but vital skills that will help them later in life. They are taught leadership, the value of hard-work through goal-setting, how to accomplish these goals, responsibility, discipline, excellence, compassion, socialization, respect, etc. There is really not much that band does not cover. In addition, students are given the skills to become successful in college and possibly earn a scholarship by playing their instrument.

*Intelligence! Music, especially marching band, is one of the few activities where students are forced to use both sides of the brain at the same time. Research suggests that students involved in music on average have higher GPA's and score significantly higher on standardized tests, such as the ACT, than those not involved in music.

*Pride! Signing up for the marching band means that the student is a part of the biggest organization BTCS has to offer! Also, you are automatically a part of a very successful organization – locally, regionally, and nationally! The band always does well at marching and concert band competitions. Last year, the band had an outstanding winning record!

*Trips! We take all kinds of trips, i.e. football games, concert festival (Knoxville), All-East (Gatlinburg), big trips (like Florida, New York, Chicago, etc.). This year, the band will most likely be traveling again, so get in on the fun! :)

*Most importantly, the student is given a gift! They are given the gift of music. We teach the students and all we really ask is that they are passionate, enthusiastic, and that they share that gift with others through performance. Rehearsals are sometimes tough, but every performance should be fun!

Marching Band FAQ’s: For various questions about marching band (i.e. sports conflicts, scheduling, etc.) consult the "FAQ'S" section of our website at:

So what should you do to enroll your child in the Mighty Viking Marching Band for next year? Simply fill out the commitment form below, and the student should enroll in band class (see above for details). THIS CONTRACT/COMMITMENT FORM SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY, MARCH 29.

Please be aware that if you and your child fill out this contract, you and your child are COMMITTED! Please do not break this commitment - it affects everyone when someone drops out of their marching band spot. Marching band is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of effort and time, but the rewards are outstanding! If you fill out a commitment form, consider yourself a member! MEMBERS MUST ATTEND ALL MARCHING BAND-RELATED ACTIVITIES. ***For a student to keep their spot in the marching show, they must be diligent with attending summer practices and attending mandatory band camp.***

Band Camp Registration: July 13 (6pm)
Week 1: July 15-19 (8am-1pm)
Week 2: July 22-26 (8:30am-9pm) (Potluck July 26 @ 6pm)

*Registration and Camp will be in the THS Auditorium.*

A detailed calendar of summer/fall events is available to you at

Please mark down all the summer dates on your personal calendar and make sure the student is in attendance – it is of the utmost importance that they attend every day (especially band camp)! If there should be a conflict, speak with Mr. Semones ASAP so he can make arrangements for your family.

Look for e-mails and letters to update you about upcoming events and changes to the band calendar. I look forward to serving as your band director for another year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the numbers/e-mail listed below. Thank you!

Musically yours,
David F. Semones, Director of Bands

Office: (423) 652-9315
Fax: (423) 652-9484

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I have read and fully understand the responsibilities of marching band. I wish for my child to be a member of the 2019 Tennessee High School "Mighty Viking Marching Band." Furthermore, I completely understand the obligations set forth by the band director/band boosters and agree to pay for any such expenses that are incurred from participating in marching band. I also agree to assist with fundraising and to provide transportation for my child to and from the band room for practices, performances, etc. I am aware my child must attend band camp to be in the marching band.
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