Adding a new seller
Want to add your sites to LinkDetective? 🚀

  1. Send a list of sites in Google Sheets
  2. Send proof that you have experience in selling links
  3. Your application will be processed within 24 hours

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Send GoogleSheets
We only accept sites in GoogleSheets, this allows us to automatically update prices

Your GoogleSheets must have at least 2 fields:
  1. Site address field
  2. Price ($) field
We prepared an example, you can send another format and we can process it, but it will take longer.

For us, only 2 fields are important, all the rest: SEO parameters, conditions of placement, posting time we do not add.

If you sent a document, do not change its format, we will automatically parse your document and any changes may break our parser.
Send proof
We care about our users, so we don't add sellers without proof of experience

Please send any proof of your experience, for example:
  1. Link to the forum with your thread about selling the backlink
  2. Facebook/LinkedIn profile where I can be sure you have experience
  3. Link to your official website/marketplace
  4. Link to your telegram channel
Send anything so I can make sure you're not trying to scam our users 🕵️‍♂️
Send your contact
We have two types of sellers in our system:
  1. Marketplaces (please send link to your website)
  2. Individual sellers (please send your email)

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