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Thank you so much for your interest in the VCU School of Social Work! Founded in 1917, the School of Social Work stands as the first school of its kind in the South. Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, for over 100 years, our students and world-class faculty have forged lasting connections with more than 500 community agencies that partner with our program for field experiences and research. We would like to know a little more about you so you can get more information and invites to our upcoming information sessions, events, and admission deadlines. We will be in touch soon!
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Clinical social work practice focuses on key evidence-based interventions, including how to solve problems, resolve emotional and interpersonal conflicts, develop and use social networks and resources, and maintain achieved capacities and strengths. Social work administration, planning and policy practice (SWAPP) prepares graduates to become leaders skilled in formulating, implementing, analyzing and evaluating policies, plans and programs for complex and ever-changing local, state, national and international environments.
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