Application Form - Portugal Handpan Festival 2019
In the registration form you can choose one of the following types of tickets:

Entrance into the festival;

Entrance + Meals;

Entrance + Meals + Accommodation;

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If you chose the general pass or the whole Sunday day choose one of the following options
Meals will be vegetarian - Not aviable
Meals will be served at the venue of the festival.
Each meal is € 5 and includes dish and drink.
Meals will be vegetarian, if you want vegan or other meal, please indicate at the end of the form.
Do you want Meals? - Not aviable *
Accommodation - Not aviable
The accommodation will be held in different hostels, between 100m and 1000m away from Casa do Campino.
You can choose to sleep for 2 days (Friday and Saturday) or for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
Options are sleeping in shared rooms (3/4/8 beds / for man, woman and mix) or in double rooms.
Overnight stays include breakfast.
If accompanied, you can put the name of the person you want to be together with at the end of the form.
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The total value should be transferred to the following Iban: PT50003507260009234183014; SWIFT: CGDIPTPL; Name: AMA - Associação Movimento Aberto
Thank you for sending the proof to the following email:
Registration is considered valid only after payment and sending of proof.
Other information / suggestions
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If you have any questions please email to or call +351 917008875
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