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This information will be used to process your sanctioning request. All new events must be approved by the SCA Board. Please fill in as much information as possible about your event. Some items such as timelines, payouts and entry fees can be discussed once the event is approved.
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Cookoff Categories
Most SCA events feature steak as the headline and an ancillary category. To add an extra ancillary categories, the cost will be $25 per category.
Anything on a Stick
Chicken Wings
Grilled Cheese
Hot Dogs
One Bite Challenge
Pork Steaks
Bloody Marys
Other Protein
Would you like to add a free SCA Kids Cookoff at your event?
Typical Entry Fees
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Ancillary Payout (Wings, Appetizers, Burgers etc.)
SCA Kids Cookoff Payout
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Event Timeline
SCA has the ability to develop the timeline to work with other parts of your event or festival
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This information is important for us to create your fliers and to inform the teams about the details of the event.
Steak Dinner Sales
Size of Team Spaces
Steaks for Event
SCA utilizes certified judges when possible at all SCA events. The Promoter will be notified how many judges they will need to fill if certified are not available. SCA will offer judging spots to SCA certified judges first and if there is not enough certified judges, the promoter may use the spots as rewards for sponsors. The Monday prior to the event will be deadline for certified judges. SCA is not responsible for locating table judges should there not be enough certified judges in the area. There is never a problem finding people to taste great steak!
Certified Judges Class
Release of Liability
• This is a Steak Cookoff Association LLC (SCA) event. SCA rules will be enforced and the decision of the SCA Representative is final.
• This event is sanctioned by the Steak Cookoff Association LLC (SCA). In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate; entrants, participants, and spectators release and discharge the Steak Cookoff Association LLC. all its directors, officers, employees, sponsors, agents, representatives from any known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments, and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any entrant, participant, or spectator to their person or property. Further, each entrant expressly agrees to indemnify all the foregoing entities, firms, persons and bodies of any form from all liability occasioned from the conduct of any entrant, participant or spectator. I agree to follow the directions of the event organizers and that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction of the organizer can result in the disqualification and cancelation of my participation in the activities and my immediate removal from the grounds where these activities are occurring. I understand that any such non-compliance may result in injury, death and/or permanent disability as a result of my failure to comply. Any and all media taken by the SCA related to any participant, spectator, etc. becomes the property of the Steak Cookoff Association LLC and can be used in future promotion of SCA events.
I agree to the SCA release of Liability *
Promoters Responsibilities

1. I agree to provide a location for awards ceremony and a sound system or PA if possible.
2. I agree to provide specific area for Judging with electricity
• Tables and chairs usually 4 – 8 foot tables and 12 chairs
• Friday night events must have lighting (Lighting is important to judging the doneness of steaks)
• An enclosed building is preferred
3. Provide 3-4 volunteers to assist in judging area (Important)
4. Cookoff payouts must be posted prior to Cookoff (Only Friday night Jackpots may award percentage payouts)
5. Promoter assumes all responsibility for paying guaranteed payouts. SCA is not responsible for prize payouts
6. Winner of any SCA event receives an invitation to SCA Steak Championship.
7. Provide A 10 x 20 space near the judging area for SCA merchandise vending tent and sponsors, if requested.
8. Provide steaks for the cookoff
• SCA Standard is 11/8” boneless choice ribeye steaks
• Provide 2 steaks per team
• Must provide an extra 10 steaks to be available for the steak selection
9. Pay SCA Rep’s expenses (mileage & hotel if necessary), $200 Judging Fee for their time and services.
• Mileage is figured at current government mandated rate.
• We will try to use the SCA Rep that is closest to you event.
• Payment must be made to Rep on the day of the event.
• Events with over 50 teams will require paying 2 SCA Reps to run event
• Events over 100 will require 3 SCA Reps.
10. Use SCA logos on advertising materials for the event.
11. SCA does not guarantee the profitability of any event, by agreeing to provide sanctioning. Sanctioning does not guarantee the number of teams that will participate in the event.
12. Send payment for $5 per team fee to SCA within 14 days after cookoff.
13. In the event of cancellation either by the contest organizer, all previously paid expenses shall be non-refundable. The contest organizer will also reimburse the SCA Representative(s) any prepaid expenses incurred by them which cannot be recouped.
14. The head cook of a team must be 18 years old to compete in Steak.
15. Provide the following Supplies for Judging Tent:

For 50 Team Events

3 Case of Bottled Water
2 Bag of Oyster Crackers
600 Heavy Duty Plastic Forks (Sam’s Club) (Each judge will use a clean fork for each bite)
100 Heavy Duty Plastic Knives (Sam’s Club)
3 Rolls Paper Towels
1 Plastic table cloth (Dollar Store)
100 9” Styrofoam Boxes undivided (Sam’s Club)
**Can be provided by SCA for a set fee if requested.

SCA right to Merchandise and Promote Sponsors:

SCA reserves the right to display, promote and sell, SCA products and services and that of its national sponsors at SCA sanctioned contests. Organizer agrees to provide a space in a highly accessible area, either in the cook area or near the judging area, where SCA may place its official merchandising tent and promote, display and sell SCA products and that of its national sponsor. The Organizer agrees to provide free of charge a space up to 20x20 for this purpose if requested.

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Payment of Sanctioning Fee
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