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Hi! Thank you for your interest in becoming one of my trusted Beta Readers. It is important to note that a Beta Reader is different from an Advance Reader and not everyone defines a Beta Reader the same way. So before we continue, I want to make sure you are clear about what I am asking of you.

A Beta Reader is someone who reads an early draft of a novel and provides the author with written feedback that could affect the final draft of the novel. I am interested in whatever general comments you would like to share. Also, as the author, I will provide a set of questions I'd like you to answer.

Although I do my best to run each manuscript through an initial edit before sending it to my Beta Readers, there *will* be multiple minor errors that I inevitably miss. This is *not* the final version of the book. Depending on the Beta Readers' feedback, whole scenes could be added or deleted.

The idea here is to look for big-picture issues and give honest opinions on what works for you as a reader and what doesn't. No grammar degrees, spelling bee certificates, or other special training is required. You just need to love historical Christian romance, be trustworthy, and be constructively honest.

Examples of Beta Reader feedback might be:

* One minute he was holding a cup, the next he was grabbing a crate with both hands. What happened to the cup?
* The first scene dragged. You might consider cutting that and starting with the second scene.
* It doesn't make sense that that character did X in chapter 12 after they said Y in chapter 4.
* I want to know more about what happens at the end. Your ending was too succinct.
* It really bugged me that Character X ______(did this)______. It made me like them less.

If this sounds like something you want to do, please complete the form below. :)

Completing this form does not commit you to beta reading any particular book or meeting any particular deadline. What it does is add you to my short list of potential Beta Readers. Then, when I have something I need feedback on, I will send out an email to those on this list letting them know what I need read, how long it is, the kind of feedback I need, and what the deadlines are. At that point you will be able to decide whether you can help or need to pass.
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