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Please share your input about the following FY21 Title I parental involvement documents and our overall school parental involvement program. Your feedback is essential in helping us to build parent capacity and increase parent engagement at Clarkston High School. We welcome all your comments and suggestions. Please enter your comments in the spaces provided. If you have no comments at this time, please indicate that in the space below. Thank you.

Please complete the feedback form as you complete the meeting.
School Parental Involvement Plan: (e.g. How can the school effectively communicate with parents? What type of workshops would you like for the school to provide? etc.) *
School-Parent Compact: (e.g. How can the school support you in assisting your child at home achieve the school and district goals? In what core content area does your child need the most help?) *
Parental Involvement Budget: 1% set-aside: (e.g. If available, how would you like to see these funds spent? What resources do you need available in the parent resource center to help your child at home?) *
Overall Parental Involvement Program: *
Carryover Budget: (e.g. If we were to have funds let over from Title I funding, how would you like to see the funds spent? What resources or workshops do you think would be beneficial?) *
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