Framing the Evidence: Private Sector Partners
SETDA launched the Framing the Evidence program to explore the efficacy of a variety of educational software tools that our private sector partners develop for use in schools. Due to COVID, many schools have resorted to remote and hybrid learning strategies so that students may continue learning outside of the school building, and beyond the traditional school day. In April 2021, The Department of Education announced American Rescue Plan funds for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia to help schools reopen.  With the ability to leverage this funding comes responsibility. Schools and districts will be making careful choices as they invest in EdTech solutions that provide value and meet the needs of all learners. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we help schools invest in solutions that address instructional and learning challenges, whether remote, in-person, or hybrid.

Through quality, vetted and curated pilot opportunities set up via the Framing the Evidence program, SETDA hopes to serve our private sector partners, school districts, and educational researchers by providing evidence-based ways to assess the impact of technology.

This form asks a few questions of private sector partners to ascertain the interest level in being part of a pilot group. Submitting this form merely captures interest from partners; it does not obligate you to participate in the program. Please submit this form once for each product you might like matched with school districts for an efficacy study.

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