Concert Choir Self Eval. T2 2020
Please fill out each question below. Think carefully about your answers and answer them honestly. This evaluation will be combined with your sign in record for the term to create your grade. Please answer each question on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest.

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What grade are you enrolled in? *
Are you on Student Council or in the Cafeteria class? If yes, please email with all dates you missed for Council meetings or Cafeteria duty. If you do not email those dates to Ms. Riegert they will not be excused. *
I always remember to bring my sheet music to class. *
I always practice the sections covered in class outside of class time so I am prepared for the next class. *
I know my own part and could sing it on my own if asked. *
I know how my part fits in with the rest of the choir as a whole. *
I am always on time for rehearsal. *
When my teacher gives me feedback, I always write it into my music. *
I never use my cellphone during class time. *
I always support my peers in the choir by not talking during rehearsal. *
I attended the Winter Concert in December wearing concert black attire and performed to the best of my ability or if I was excused, I have made up my mark otherwise. *
Are you planning to continue in Concert Choir next year? *
Do you have any suggestions for songs you would like to sing next year? If you're in grade 8-11 and not continuing in choir, please feel free to leave feedback about the class and how we can improve it. If you're in grade 12 please write "Not applicable." *
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Are you interested in joining Chamber Choir (Monday and Thursday mornings) or Vocal Jazz (Tuesday and Friday mornings, must be taken with Chamber Choir)? Vocal placement auditions will take place by the end of June; please listen to announcements and check the wall outside the music room for audition sign ups. *
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