3rd Thursday Tampa
Since 2012 - Every 3rd Thursday of the month is gourmet Food Truck fun, Live Music and Cocktails located at Grand Central at Kennedy 1208 E. Kennedy Blvd 33602.

Created by Tampa Bay Markets, Inc. local grass roots company that creates and operates open-air, fresh Markets and other local events for the Tampa Bay area, 3rd Thursday offers space to 15 local and gourmet food trucks and mobile food carts each month. The event takes place on the 1200 Block of Madison Street where a street closure is in place and parking spaces are assigned to mobile food vendors. Set up begins at 3:30 pm and the street officially closes at 6pm and reopens at the end of the event approximately at 11pm.

On average 3rd Thursday draws a minimum of 1000-1500 fans from all points of Tampa Bay. A significant amount of those fans live within the residential areas of the Chanel District, Downtown Tampa and at Grand Central at Kennedy.

The Pour House, City Dog Cantina and local Beer, Wine and Liquor sponsors provide the cocktail selection for the night. Cocktails are served in the wet zone courtyard area at Grand Central at Kennedy adjacent to Madison Street.

Food Trucks and Mobile Food Carts are booked in advance prior to each event. The booking process is as follows:

We currently have a list of 70 mobile food vendors of which we chose 10 or so that we work to rotate into the event on a monthly basis. We have 5 or so spaces that we reserve for new vendors to join the event each month.

We chose vendors based on the professional look of their truck and the menu options they have to serve the public. Each month we try to chose trucks whose menus do not directly compete with one another in order to allow for each vendor to capture their audience and benefit from the overall sales of the event.

Vendors who are on our approved list to participate whose menu's are similar in style - for example The Thai Noodle Truck and Asian Rice Mobile may get rotated due to them both being in the "Asian" category. This is done on a case by case basis and depending on the rotational vendor schedule that is already in place.

In order to apply for this event and to become an approved vendor that will receive and invitation for an upcoming 3rd Thursday event please fill out this Vendor Application below. If you have participated with us in the past and have already applied through our old system, please feel free to update your information below to be considered for an upcoming event.

When will you hear back?

We are very busy, however we do our best to review and return a response to vendor applications within 7 days of it's receipt. If you have not heard from us please email us directly at tampabaymarkets@gmail.com to follow up.

When will you receive an invitation?

Invitations for approved mobile food vendors are sent out in advance and up to 3 months prior to an event date.
For example: Because of our busy schedule we do our best to send out an invites for June, July and August in the month of May. This way we are booked up for the event in advance. *Fill in's for each event take place the week prior to the event date if not the week of. If you are already approved and you want to be on the fill in list for an upcoming event please send us an email to tampabaymarkets@gmail.com to let us know.

Are you allowed to sell Drinks and Dessert Items in addition to your Menu?

Yes you can sell non-alcoholic drinks. If you have desserts on your menu you must include them in your application because we try to book at least 1-2 dessert vendors per event whose menus are specific to unique dessert items.

How much food should you plan to serve?

At Flicks + Food Trucks our goal is for all of our vendors to sell well and to sell out if possible. Traditionally if a food truck has a unique food items that are popular and can serve them fast enough to move their line they will either come close to selling out or sell out for the night. With 15 or so mobile food vendors booked per event each truck is mostly guaranteed to serve 70-100 customers at minimum and if their items are extra popular they will serve many more.

Do you need a generator?

ABSOLUTELY YES! At Flicks + Food Trucks we do not provide electricity for any Food Truck. All Food Trucks must provide their own QUIET GENERATOR and be self sufficient. We only have two plugs available for small food carts and those must be reserved in advance.

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