The Cultural Virus Test
This survey takes about 10 minutes, and includes 35 questions on Cultural Viruses. You will receive a copy of your results.

And if you're interested, we can send you either an additional report with personalised data analysis and action points, and/or a benchmark report with the aggregated (and anonymised) data. You'll have the option to request these at the end of the form.

Finally, if you are part of multiple teams, please choose one at a time as the results are likely to vary from one team to another.

For any questions, please get in touch:
Daniel Ospina (
Rebecca Collins (
How satisfied are you with your team's culture? *
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Do you consent for us to use your results in our Cultural Viruses research? (Anonymously, of course.) *
We'll share the results with you in our Cultural Viruses Benchmark Report in 2021.
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