Wall Street History Quiz
How Well Do You Know Your Finance Trivia?
1. Which came first the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the Wall Street Journal? *
7 points
2. In what year did the NASDAQ market open? *
7 points
3. During the stock market crash on October 28th, 1929, how much money was lost that day and the next? *
7 points
4. Put these days in order of largest percentage drop in market history. *
12 points
22.61% drop
12.93% drop
12.82% drop
7.87% drop
October 15, 2008
October 28, 1929
October 19, 1987
March 16, 2020
5. The repeal of what 1933 Act of Congress in 1999 led to the 2008 Financial Crisis? *
7 points
6. Whose death caused Wall Street to halt trading for two hours out of respect? *
7 points
7. What year was the stock ticker invented? *
6 points
8. Who invented the index fund? *
7 points
9. Connect each CNBC personality with the show that he or she is currently on. *
21 points
Power Lunch
Squawk on the Street
Halftime Report
Squawk Box
Mad Money
The Closing Bell
The Exchange
Andrew Ross Sorkin
Jim Cramer
Wilfred Frost
Scott Wapner
Kelly Evans
Tyler Matheson
David Faber
10. On what day did the stock market hit bottom after the 2008 crash, and thus begin the longest bull market in history? *
7 points
11. Amazon's IPO price was $18 a share. How much would a $10,000 investment in 1997 be worth today? *
7 points
12. Connect these political figures with their contribution to financial history. *
5 points
Officially Ended the Gold Standard
Established the Minimum Wage
Known as the "Trust-Buster"
The First Treasury Secretary
Established Federal Trade Commission
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Alexander Hamilton
Richard Nixon
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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