NWP in the South - Call for Proposals
This year's theme: Writing for Change through Empathy and Engagement

Session Proposal Form

NWP in the South
March 27-28, 2020
Greenville, South Carolina

Proposal Deadline: January 6, 2020

We invite proposals for the following three strands:

*Classroom Practices:
What innovative strategies are you trying in your classroom that could inform other teachers?
What reading and writing connections do you want to share?
How do you create community in your classroom?
What role does critical thinking play in your approach to teaching writing?
What is the place of multimodal forms of composition in your classroom?
How do you make use of students' layered or multiplex literacies to strengthen their academic work?
What civic engagement strategies engage your students?
How do we encourage our students to write for authentic audiences?
What classroom practices and strategies empower struggling writers?

*Developing Pathways for the Site:
Have you created pathways for teachers to join your site other than the traditional institute model?
How have the opportunities and challenges of digital pedagogy impacted the work of your site?
How could a site implement the professional development of C3WP?
Was your site involved with the Journalism Camps, New Pathways, LRNG, or National Park Services work? What can you share with other sites?
How can a site generate funding and attract new teachers through youth programs?

*Site Leadership Development:
How can sites increase visibility while supporting career teachers?
What professional development strategies are keeping your site going?
What opportunities have you found for public pedagogy directed toward the non-academic professional community?
What partnerships with foundations, state departments of education, or other entities do you have and how are they beneficial to the site?
How can sites tell the story of their work to university and external stakeholders?

We encourage all sessions to be interactive, provide time for attendees to ask questions and have conversations, and include either digital or print resources.

Submit a 150-300 word proposal that gives an overview/abstract of your proposed session. If proposing a roundtable, panel, or interactive workshop, please list all participants in the space provided in the form below (only one person needs to submit a proposal for these).

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