Friendship Festival Public Chalk Competition
When: October 6-8, 2022.  Extended date TBD
Time: Check-in is at 8 am on October 6.  Ends at 12pm noon on October 8th. 
Wrap up each evening by 8pm and then begin again at 8am. 
October 8, 12 pm will beJudging, which will be immediately followed by awards ceremony on main stage on October 8th. 
Where: Dixie Convention Center Parking lot, St. George, Utah
Theme: Worldwide peace, health, and friendship.  Please stay with the theme.  

IMPORTANT: After reading the disclaimer and waiver, please sign all team participants in at the bottom where indicated. 
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• Only registered artists may participate. 

• All artists must read, agree to and sign this Artists Disclaimer & Waiver to participate.      

• You may have single artists or a team up to 5.


• TWO 12  boxes or ONE 24 box and additional sticks of white (as needed) of water-base Pastel Chalk will be provided for each registered team. 

• You may use your own chalk but it MUST be water-based.  Absolutely no paints, crayons, ink, oil pastels or other non-washable or permanent products are allowed. 

• We ask that you return unused chalk to the Artist Check-in.

• Chalk art is only to be produced in designated and assigned areas. No doodles, lettering, or tagging outside of assigned spaces.  In the event this should happen, we expect your group to clean off any such markings.


• Check-in at Dixie Convention Center parking lot: South Parking Lot:
1835 S Convention Center Dr, St. George, UT 84790

• Check-in begins at 8:00 am on Thursday, October 6 until Saturday, October 8 at 12:00 pm. Judging is immediately after.

• Artists can work until 8 pm each day and begin each morning at 8am.

The event will go on rain or shine. The artists are responsible for protecting their chalk art. Plastic drapes, tape, tents, or canopies can be used as needed 

• The art created must be suitable for public and family viewing (no nude or lewd work). 

• No words, symbols, or caricatures intended as political statements may appear within the art. 

• Art created must be culturally sensitive and appropriate, respecting the diversity promoted in our festival. 

• Chalk art depicting or intended as an advertisement for a business, product, or service is not allowed. 

• No banners, products, samples, or promotional brochures are allowed. Artists may hand out business cards. 

• The Festival reserves the right to refuse, stop or eliminate objectionable art or art not consistent with rules.

• Art spaces, 5’ by 5’ space, will be assigned at registration. You may use more space than this. Please notify us:


• carpet square, or cardboard to sit or stand on to avoid smearing your work. 

• small pillow, cushion, or knee pads to kneel on. 

• A chalkboard eraser, foam, qtips, sponges, spray bottle with water, terry cloth, or shortcut brushes for blending large areas of color. 

• Old towels or rags to clean up as necessary. 

• Masking tape for creating sharp borders, geometry. Tape must be removed when finished. 

• Additional chalk, if you need a lot of a certain color. 

• Athletic tape, cotton, Latex, or Nitrile gloves to protect your fingertips and assist in blending colors. 

• Sunscreen, sunglasses, or a hat sun exposure. 

• Keep open beverage containers away from paintings.

• No glass allowed. 

• Whisk broom or brush for cleaning the drawing surface.


Each member (up to five) of ONE team must write below their full name. Doing so indicates that these team members have read, agree and will comply with all of the above information and rules. Remember, only up to five can sign in for one team. This form must be used for one team only!
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