Learning Reimagined: Guided Exploration
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Gift Culture / Wholesome communities have a healthy interdependence that works towards meeting everyone’s needs as far as it can. We’re offering this exploration in the spirit of gift culture. In gift culture, offerings are not free, they are offered with the trust that the receiver will offer in return what they see as fair value to them and their ability to pay. We strive to have our basic needs and costs covered so that we are able to continue to do this work. Monetary Exchange being offered *
Since living in the spirit of gift culture is a practice we’re not all accustomed to, it would help if you could share a little on how you got to the the exchange value that you are offering. It helps us to think through what and how we offer in the future, so we can meet our basic needs and costs and it helps you to reflect on what you place value on. You will be invited at the end of the exploration to once again reflect on your offering and amend it accordingly (more or less) if you feel the need to. *
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