The Resilience Project - pre test
Wales Street Primary - Grade 5 and 6
Q1 I give up with school work when it is hard
Q2 I try my best no matter what
Q3 When someone teases me, I know what to do so I feel better soon
Q4 I keep persisting with my school work even if it is hard
Q5 When something happens and it is bad, it means that it will be bad again and again
Q6 I am lucky to have good friends
Q7 I am lucky to be able to go to our school
Q8 I love to learn
Q9 I want to do my very best at home
Q10 I am a happy person
Q11 I do kind things for people I know
Q12 I do kind things for people I do not know
Q13 When I make a mess, I pack it up
Q14 I help people when they are sad
Q15 I help people when they are angry
Q16 I pack up other peoples mess, even though I didn't make it
Q17 After recess and play, I can focus on the next subject without thinking about what happened during recess and play
Q18 I worry a lot about my school work
Q19 I worry a lot about what others are saying about me
Q20 I get anxious in class
Q21 I get anxious at recess and play
Q22 I know how someone else feels by looking at them
Q23 I can say how I am feeling
Q24 I know what I can do to change the way I am feeling
Q25 I know what I can do to help someone else change the way that they are feeling
Q26 I am a
Q 27 I am in grade
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