Proteus Speaker + Personal Brand Assessment
Well hello, future thought leader. Bravo for taking the next step on moving forward with growing your personal brand and speaking career. Taking action can be uncomfortable, but it's the only way we grow. If you're ready to grow, we may be a great fit for each other. (Spoiler alert; If you're here, you're ready to grow.)

Let's get started.

So here's how this goes.

-You fill out this short form and tell me a little bit about yourself and your goals. (Conquer the world? Cool)
-I review on this end and send you what I think would be the best partnership option for you.
-You get details on next steps and think about how awesome you are for taking action.
-You decide if you're ready to take the next step and make some magic happen. (You're ready)
-We get to work and start building your personal brand and speaking business.
-We work together to eliminate any barriers that keep you from your goals. (Buh-bye doubt)
-We partner up to knock out your goals and implement strategies that breed opportunity.
-You get your message out into the world confidently and watch your impact grow.
-We celebrate wins.
-We celebrate more wins. (This is key to everything)

Sound good? Great. Let's get started.
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What would you say your superpower is?
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What sounds like a good fit for your schedule?
BRAVO! *the crowd goes wild*
Now you sit back and relax and take a minute to celebrate this win. Taking action is the single most important thing you will do to accomplish your goal, so you're already crushing this.

I'll be in touch soon and we can talk about what the best option is for you going forward!

See you in the spotlight my friend!
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