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Prize Selections
Everyone who sold popcorn will get a popcorn patch. Scouts who sold online, collected a military donation, or sold over $1000 in product will receive additional Level 1 pins to go on their patch.

Prizes begin at $175 and are indicated on the flyer as levels 2 - 12. The total value of your selected prizes must be less than the amount of product sold for your family. If you want to select multiple of the same item, please indicate that in the notes at the end.

Consider the following scenarios: I will use my kids Brooklyn ($488.75) and Mason ($941.25) as an example. Brooklyn could get a #13 Hammock ($375), and Mason could get a #19 Flashlight ($575) and a #1 Firestarter ($175). Alternatively, they could combine their prize money ($1,430.00), and get a #28 $40 Walmart Gift Card ($1,100) to share.

Scouts who sold over $500 will receive an additional bonus item as indicated below.

Level 1 - Did you sell any of the following?
Levels 2 - 6
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Levels 7 - 12
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$500 Club - If you sold over $500, which Bonus Item do you want?
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