2023 Special Needs Form
This form notifies the Cascade Pacific Council of any dietary, mobility, disability, or health-related special needs your unit will have at the camp or activity you are attending.  The Cascade Pacific Council will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your special needs.  It is the responsibility of parents and/or adults attending to make sure the person has everything they need for the time of the activity.  Please be specific when telling the special need.  The contact person you list below will be contacted if event staff have any questions.  The menus for summer overnight camps are generally published on our website in late April to mid-May.

Common Requests and Solutions for Special Consideration at Council Activities
Cascade Pacific Council camps make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of campers/participants and have developed solutions for common requests:

Camp menus are posted online at each camp's Portal (www.cpcbsa.org/campportals) before camp. Although menus are subject to change, they give a good idea of the menu items planned. Camps can substitute many items for sugar-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free. If major departures from the menu are required, it is suggested that campers bring substitute ingredients and speak with the camp cook on arrival day. Only food service staff are permitted in the kitchen per state health department regulations, but the cook may be able to assist with minor menu substitutions. Please submit this Special Needs Form to enable the camp to prepare
to support the need.

Wheelchair access/ Limited-Mobility
Each camp has at least one campsite which provides easier wheelchair access to tents, outhouses, and other campsite features. Camp trails are usually rough. Although it is possible to make it to most areas of camp with a normal wheelchair, a wheelchair with off-road tires makes mobility easier. Please submit this Special Needs Form to enable the camp to prepare to support the need.

Vehicles in Camp
Private vehicles are generally NOT PERMITTED in camp. The ONLY exception made is for persons with severe mobility limitations. A state-issued disabled parking permit is required and approval from the camp director MUST be granted in the form of a vehicle pass displayed at all times on the vehicle dashboard. As vehicles present a safety hazard for pedestrians on camp roads, this rule is strictly-enforced; only extreme circumstances warrant a vehicle pass. Submit this Special Needs Form to enable the camp to prepare to support the need.

Sensory/ADHD/ASD etc.
Each camp strives to offer a positive camp experience for each youth. If the camp staff are aware of specific sensory or other ASD/ADHD needs, the camp will do their best to minimize possible issues. In the event that a meltdown or shut down can not be avoided the camp staff would like to know how best to resolve that situation. Please submit this Special Needs Form to enable the camp to prepare to support the need.

CPAP machine
For campers with CPAP machines, please know that campsites do not have electricity and sleeping is not available in buildings at camp. Vehicles cannot be parked in or near campsites for the purpose of powering CPAP machines. To prepare for camp, two options are suggested:
1. Avid campers may consider purchasing a battery-operated CPAP machine. If charging a battery-operated CPAP is required during daytime hours, the camp will provide an outlet.
2. Those who use a machine that requires 120v AC power (household current) can bring an inverter and an automobile battery. If needed, camps will provide an outlet where automobile batteries can be recharged during daytime hours.

Camp personnel are not authorized to administer regular injections. Campers who require injections need to administer their own injections or be accompanied by an adult trained and authorized (by parent/guardian in the case of a minor) to administer injections for that camper.

Each camp strives to offer a positive camp experience for each youth and adult. Please use this form for any other need that you feel the camp staff should know about before your arrival at camp. The camp staff will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs.
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For Dietary Needs: Camp Menus are generally published in late April to mid-May. If the adapted menu doesn't meet this person's dietary needs, then accommodations might need to come from home. The camp will contact you directly to discuss concerns, needs or availability of special dietary foods.   
For Sensory/ASD/ADHD: Please explain behaviors to watch for, typical triggers, and how to support the child when overwhelmed. 
List any additional information and/or explanations as needed
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