HMC Dubai 2019 Financial Aid Application
The President and Board of Harvard Model Congress Dubai (HMCD) are pleased to announce the establishment of needs-based financial grants in support of outstanding delegates for whom cost would be a barrier of attendance to the 2019 HMCD conference.

In order to be considered for financial aid please submit the following application. We recommend writing your answers initially in a separate document (e.g. Microsoft Word or Pages) before answering below, since your information will not save if you click off this page without submitting your answers!

** Eligibility **
High school students who (1) will attend the 2019 HMCD conference and (2) have demonstrated financial need. These grants are intended to make the HMCD experience accessible to students of all socio-economic backgrounds and reduce financial barriers to participation.

** Criteria for Selection **
- Dedicated interest in the mission of HMCD
- Demonstrated financial need
- Demonstrated academic scholarship and leadership potential

** Additional Information **
Because the Initiative is still in its pilot phase, there will be a limited number of financial aid grants available to interested students

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Director of Outreach and Financial Aid Michael Wornow at

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Please describe the most pressing issue in your community or your country. What is the cause of this problem, how does it affect the people in your community, and what can be done to solve it? *
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Please describe your current financial situation and explain why a financial aid grant would help reduce barriers to your attendance at the conference. *
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Financial aid grants are used to subsidize the delegate fee, and can amount to up to $290. How large of a grant will you need to make the conference financially feasible? *
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