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1. Students in grades six through eight must be in attendance at least 170 school days. Students with more than 10 unexcused absences may not be promoted to the next grade level. *
2. When a student is absent from school, the student must bring a note explaining the reason for the absence the day the student returns to school. *
3. The school system reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, and review a personally owned device or file when administration has a reasonable suspicion that a violation of Board policies has occurred.  Students are expected to act responsibly and thoughtfully when using technology resources. *
4. Students are not permitted to use any electronic device to record audio or video media or take pictures of any student or staff member without their permission. The distribution of any unauthorized media may result in discipline including, but not limited to, suspension, criminal charges, and expulsion. *
5. There is a right of privacy regarding the use of technological resources. Users may assume that files or communications created or transmitted using school system technological resources or stored on services or hard drives of individual computers will be private.
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6. Students are required to comply with the Code of Student Conduct in the following circumstances: *
7. Examples of minor violations of the code of student conduct include: *
8. The following conduct is illustrative of disruptive behavior and is prohibited: *
9. BULLYING: consequences will range from in-school disciplinary action to up to five days out-of-school suspension.  Repeat violations may result in long-term suspension. When appropriate, bullying incidents will be reported to law enforcement authorities for their actions. *
10. Students also are prohibited from possessing, using, transmitting or selling drug paraphernalia or counterfeit (fake) drugs. Students may not participate in any way in the selling or transmitting of prohibited substances, regardless of whether the sale or transmission ultimately occurs on school property. *
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