Streamer House Application - Stage I
This is the first stage of the Streamer House application, please answer the questions as completely and honestly as possible.
What is your Twitch.TV username? *
What is the best method of contacting you? *
What is your full legal name? *
Where are you currently located? *
What is your Birthdate? *
When did you first start watching twitch streams and how did you discover them? *
How many hours per day do you watch Twitch? *
List your Social Media presence (facebook,youtube,twitter,ect) *
How long have you been a gamer? What are you fondest experiences of gaming? *
What do you feel that you could bring to the Streamer House team? *
List your strengths including things like web development, video editing, good personality, this shouldnt be a simple one line answer.
How many hours per day would you be comfortable streaming? *
What is your current work/school/financial situation? *
Have you ever been convicted of any crimes? If so explain. *
What would you like to see happen at Streamer House over the next year? *
This question doesn't necessarily have to involve your efforts, we are more interested to see what kind of ideas you have for a project like Streamer House from a viewers stand point.
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