Trip Ticket Form 
Please use this form to schedule any trips.  Once the form has been submitted, you will need to email or call the Transportation Supervisor to make any changes.  The Transportation Department has a monthly meeting to bid out these trips. Please submit this google form at least 6 weeks prior to the trip to allow the time needed for the trip to be properly bid by the drivers.
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I have read and understand the documentation in section 1 *
Coaches/Teachers please acknowledge that you have read and understand the below rules and procedures
The following items shall be reviewed by the driver with passengers prior to the onset of every non-routine bus trip.
Completion of the following meets the requirements of OAC 3301-83-16 and ORC 4511.76(C).

Aisles and exits:
Drivers should point out the location of emergency exits in the bus including basic instructions on how to open the exits. Emergency exits and service doors may not be blocked – equipment may not be stored in the aisle or in any location that blocks an exit.

Emergency equipment:
Show the location of the first aid kit, body fluid cleanup kit, fire extinguisher, fuses
(flares) and reflective triangles. Driver should also demonstrate the use of the emergency override switch for all air or electric service doors.

General rules:
Emphasize the requirement to remain seated; no eating and no drinking (athlete’s parents may not know this, please make sure they know as well); silence at railroad crossings and the need to follow directions from the bus driver. This applies to coaches, chaperones and students equally.

The bus driver is ultimately responsible for the vehicle and passengers but the chaperone plays an important role in avoiding unnecessary distractions and safety violations.  Chaperones should space themselves throughout the bus in order to effectively monitor student behavior. Chaperones must make it a priority to remind students to (a) remain properly seated at all times, (b) keep noise to a minimum, (c) maintain complete silence at railroad crossings, (d) keep the aisles and exits clear at all times, and (e) keep the bus clean.  Chaperones/Coaches should assist the bus driver in checking the bus for articles left behind by students.

Cell Phones
Cell phones can be a distraction especially when it is dark outside and the bus is in motion. Please be aware of the excess light your phone puts out and cover it if you must use it when it is dark outside and the bus is in motion.

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