Audition for Naatak's THE SIXTH PILLAR
Audition Date and Venue
Saturday, February 1, 2020 from 1pm onwards (We will email you an exact slot)
Naatak House, 2110 A Walsh Ave, Santa Clara CA 95051

Show Dates
April 3-18 at the Lohman Theater in Los Altos

Roles Available
Group 1: Three males, Indian, ages 40-50
Group 2: Four females, Indian, ages 30-45
Group 3: Two males, Indian, age 25-35
Group 4: One male and one female, Caucasian or African-American, ages 30-50
Group 5: Three females, Indian-American, ages 12-25 (ideally teenagers)
Group 6: Two males, Indian-American, ages 15-25 (ideally teenagers)

What are we looking for?
Fluency in English and Hindi/Urdu, stage presence, and voice projection. Available for rehearsals and able to work well with others in an ensemble cast.

Rehearsal Schedule
February 2 through March 31, 3 times a week at NAATAK HOUSE (including both weekend days) in Santa Clara. If you have some travel/out dates during the rehearsal period, we will do our best to accommodate a few absences (let us know your out dates on the form itself), but please expect to be available for all rehearsals where your presence is expected.

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