2019 RGMS Drama - Fall Show Registration
Celebrating 10 Years of Drama - 2019 Fall Show "Welcome Back" A Series of memories from RGMS Drama History.

Please complete and submit form by August 31st. You must complete registration to receive a part. Please do not fill this out if you have already turned in a paper audition form.

Final Cast registration deadline: September 3rd
Final Crew registration deadline: September 6th

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Payment of registration fee
Families of cast members are required to pay a $180 registration fee. Crew is $60. If you require financial assistance, please don't hesitate to request scholarship by contacting producer@rgmsdrama.com with a brief explanation. Registration fee is non refundable.
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Cast and Crew
The RGMS drama program stages top notch middle school productions yet it takes time, dedication and hours of work to pull all the pieces together. It's important that students are able to make the time commitment. Rehearsals are scheduled after school for a couple hour so please make sure you are able to make most rehearsals. Our program is also in need of volunteers so please let us know if you are willing to help in any capacity. For questions contact producer@rgmsdrama.com


A. Be on time and ready to do your best at rehearsal.

B. Respect the Authority of the director, the stage managers and assistants.

C. Never leave the rehearsal space or the stage until you have been released by the director, producer or assistant director.

D. RGMS drama follows the same school code of conduct and any infractions will result in the loss of participating in the show without a refund of your production fee.

E. Keep absences to a minimum and let the director or producer know you will be absent. TECH WEEK attendance is mandatory for all cast and crew.

F. No cell phones or electronic devices on or back stage during rehearsals or performances.

G. During performances your issued costume should be handled with extreme care as many of the costumes are borrowed, new or rentals. Any loss or damage to costumes will result in a $50 fee. Use extreme care when handling all costumes and props.

Performance Dates: December 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th and 15th

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