Open Paw Participating Shelters
As you know, there are lots of shelters at different stages of thinking about or implementing Open Paw. It's very helpful for those shelters at the beginning stages to be able to visit shelters who are already doing at least some parts of Open Paw. Other shelters have found it very helpful to collaborate with nearbye places as they both work on implementing the program. If you don't mind sharing your shelter information, please fill out the form below so that other shelters can more easily find out about you - for visits, help, or collaboration. We will share basic contact information and locations with other shelters who contact us about using Open Paw, so please fill this out ONLY if you do not mind sharing your basic contact information. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond!
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The more you mention about specific circumstances and implementation ideas, the more helpful it will be to us and other organizations.
What parts of the Open Paw program have worked the best for your facility?
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If you had success meeting those challenges, what helped you the most?
What's your favorite part of the Open Paw program?
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Have you made any changes to adapt any parts of the program to adjust what you don't like, and how has that worked or not?
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