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History shows us that educators and the communities we serve win when unions have a democratic culture of organizing & empowering rank-and-file members. As union leaders, we seek to distribute leadership & decision-making to build consensus through authentic engagement, robust communication, and strong collective action.

Please share your thoughts and ideas to help us represent your interests and grow our union. You can answer any or all questions that speak to you, and responses will be public so that we can build solidarity on issues.
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Long-Term Planning: We can do better—What do you need from REA moving forward?
Return to in-person: We believe it’s past time for a position statement regarding a safe return to in-person learning that reflects the will of our Renton unions' members. What do you need to feel safe returning to in person learning?
Bread and Butter Issues: We must develop positions to improve on compensation, benefits, retirement, leaves, and related other issues. What issues are most important to you?
Equity: We fully support our local’s new Equity Committee and will use the lens of anti-racism and social justice in our governance foundation, school-based work, and community partnerships. What ideas do you have for increasing equity within REA?
Workload: To win a work-life balance, we believe REA must create space for members to voice concerns and propose solutions. What workload issues would you like REA to address? What ideas do you have for addressing workload concerns?
Bargaining Process: We believe our bargaining team members deserve formal training and organized support from membership. What questions, concerns, or ideas do you have to strengthen our REA bargaining practices?
Wellness: You deserve to feel physically, mentally, social, and emotionally healthy at all times. How can REA better support your overall wellbeing?
What other questions, concerns, or ideas would you like us to know?
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