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Art Starts inspires social change through community-building arts initiatives. We use the arts to engage residents of underserved communities- creating a shared sense of identity, identifying challenges and collectively working to overcome them. We bring together professional artists in all disciplines with residents of all ages to create accessible and dynamic art that reflects the identities and aspirations of each community.

In 2021, Art Starts is prioritizing Black communities and artists and/or LGBTQ+ or any other group we are working with at any given time.
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We primarily serve Lawrence Heights, Neptune, Eglinton-Oakwood neighbourhoods. Do you have lived experiences in these or similar communities? Please explain. *
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Do you have proof of a valid Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC also referred to as Vulnerable Sector Screening)?
The VSC must be a recent (no more than 2 years) and cleared form validated by your municipal Police Department.  
Art Starts will accept a VSC if you have one from another agency if both above criteria are met.  If you don't have one we Art Starts will assist you receiving one.
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