Blickstein Group Legal AI Efficacy Report - Legal Research
The Blickstein Group Legal AI Efficacy Research Report provides detailed analysis into the use of Artificial Intelligence in the legal space. Technology is divided into the following categories: Billing/Spend Management; Contract - Pre-Execution; Contract - Post-Execution; Legal Research; E-Discovery/Document Review; Expertise Automation; Insight/Predictive Tools; and Automation Tools.

This questionnaire is designed for the Legal Research category and should be considered a starting point. Prior to publication, vendors will be invited to a briefing/demo with our researcher(s). Blickstein Group researchers will also discuss products with users, whenever possible.

Please note that while these responses are for background only, our researchers' reports will be final and will not be available for review prior to publication. Deadline is Dec. 31.
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Please self-evaluate your product in terms of its user experience and ease of use by end users.
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Please explain how well your product reduces the time it takes to get legal research done. Please provide any relevant stats/metrics to support your claim.
Please explain how your AI-based technology improves the quality of legal research and the understanding of legal issues. You may include an example.
What other products do your potential customers consider when they evaluate your product?
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