Freethought Festival 8 Feedback
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If you responded unsatisfied, please let us know how we could improve the experience of future Freethought Festivals
Which talk was your favorite?
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How would you rate Liz Cavell's talk "The 'Masterpiece Cakeshop' Decision and the future of anti-discrimination laws"?
How would you rate Benjamin Zalisko's talk "Secularism and Science in Institutions"?
How would you rate Darrel Ray's talk "Did Jesus Masturbate?"?
How would you rate Jennifer Willis-Rivera's talk "Kindness as a Revolutionary Act"?
How would you rate Ian Harris' talk "Using Humor to Influence People and Change Minds"?
How would you rate August Berkshire's talk "25 Reasons God-Belief is Dying"?
How would you rate Hemant Mehta's talk "Is Atheism Still a Political Taboo"?
How would you rate Sophia Bella Thimmes' talk "Play, Poetry, and Processing"?
How would you rate Ryan Bell's talk "Learning to Live Without Promises"?
How would you rate Bart Campolo's talk "Why Love (Verb) May Be The Most Rational Life Strategy"?
How would you rate Rajani Gudlavalleti's and Megan Kenny's talk "Secular Social Justice is Not Up for Debate."?
How would you rate Chris Johnson's talk "A Better Life with Chris Johnson"?
How would you rate Ian Harris' comedy show?
Do you have any comments (good or bad) about the speakers or talks you would like to share with the event organizers?
What were you MOST impressed with at the conference?
What were you LEAST impressed with at the conference?
Keeping in mind that we have a limited budget, who would you like to see speak at future Freethought Festivals?
Anything else you would like to tell the student organizers?
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