Survey of Parenting Workshop Interest in the UUCSS, PBMS and SSNS Communities.
A group of families at UUCSS are exploring  options for holding parenting workshops on the UUCSS "campus."  Interest has been expressed in bringing programming offered by the Parent Education Program (PEP), a local non profit. Folks from the SSNS and PBMS communities have also expressed interest in bringing PEP speakers or workshops to their communities. Some of us thought we would explore the possibility of working together on this as a way to pool our resources and build connections between our three communities.   We can also explore options beyond PEP programming if interests point to that.  We would love to know what your interests are.

Here's some information about PEP: Their mission is to (from their web site) " "adults and children learn positive, respectful ways to belong and contribute to their families and, as they grow, to their communities....We focus on the positive impact of a democratic style of parenting..." PEP's approach is positive and pragmatic. For more information, see:  Catherine Buckler, a member of UUCSS and a parent alumna of SSNS, is a PEP leader.  She's coordinating this informal survey.  She will not share personal information from this survey with anyone outside the PBMS, SSNS or UUCSS communities without your permission.  If you'd like more info about PEP or this survey, you can contact Catherine at bucklercath on gmail.  

If you have further questions or comments about our plans for providing support to parents and families in our communities,  please make a note in the comments section at the end of this survey and we'll make sure it gets to the right place.
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Broad Topics on Parenting
Parenting Practices/Family Life
Young Children – Preschoolers and Elementary School
Tweens and Teens
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