Floot Official Life-Meshing RSVP Form

Blaow! Welcome to the Floot Official Life-Meshing RSVP Form. In efforts to be environmentally conscious and sustain the slacker-yet-organized vibe, please fill out the below form to confirm your willingness (and level) of participation in this loveparty adventure.


(1) Dates, locations, and other details can be found at: http://www.global-slacker.com/1/TheWedding.html. Please read through that overview before completing this RSVP.
(2) Kindly fill out one form per attendee over 10 years old.
(3) We would love to hear from you by December 31st. Do it now! It’s easy! But we are also totally cool with a late response.

What happens next? Once we receive RSVPs, we will assign accommodation according to preferences, sort out details like transport, and let you know what the story is!

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