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This application is the first step in joining ATTIC. Your answers will allow us to provide a customized response about what you'll need to do next, if anything. If you haven't already done so, we do recommend that you read our Store Owners FAQ at
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AT MINIMUM, please provide the CITY, STATE and ZIP CODE of where you would receive prospective buyers for previews and purchases.
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Do you currently use any of the following technologies to share your products on the web? Please check ALL that apply.
Please provide a link(s) or links to where your products are listed.
Are you interested in partnering or collaborating with us? We're looking to spread the word about stores like yours to help consumers discover small businesses located near them. If you have any ideas and are willing to work with us on that effort, please let us know.
Questions? Comments?
Do you have any questions for us? We'll answer these after we review your application.
Unfortunately, we can't respond directly to all inquiries / applications. Please ensure that you have provided all of the requested information and/or an explanation for missing items. If your application meets our criteria, your store will be added as soon as possible. Please refer back to the list of stores in your city ( and review our Shop Owners FAQ ( Finally, you can reach us at
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