2018 Spring Clinic/Tournament Series
March 13th-May 31th
West Ottawa High School and Myrmidon Training Systems
All Ages
Includes free T-shirt for each wrestler.
Includes Access to Clinics & Fight Nights
$80 K-12th grade (wrestlers with some wrestling experience)

Runs 5:30pm-7pm at Myrmidon Training Systems.
Clinics ran by wrestling clinicians that have a great deal of experience at Olympic style wrestling.
They will consist mostly of technique and drilling, with some live situations.

Scrimmages (Myrmidon Fight Night)
Participate in live competition with local wrestlers during the off-season.
Runs 6pm to 8pm in the West Ottawa High School South Wrestling Room

All Camp Members are welcome; or $5 Drop Ins
03/23, 03/29, 04/13, 04/20, 04/27

Format: Wrestlers blocked into 5-8 groups. At the start of each round, wrestlers in that group will report to the mat and find a partner. All matches will be 4 minutes (2-2). Our Goal is to wrestle 4-5 rounds.

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