Grafton SCA Survey
Which SCA give-back program was your favorite this year? *
What type of events would you like to see more of next year?
Were you aware of the SCA Clipper Kudos Awards that were presented throughout the year? *
How would you rank GHS School Spirit *
No School Spirit
Super High School Spirit School!
If GHS had a school store, what items would you want it to sell? (no food)
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Did you attend Homecoming? *
If yes, what did you like about this year's Homecoming and what could we improve?
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Do you follow SCA on Twitter? (@ghs_leaders) *
How do you get your information about GHS events? *
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SCA is about bringing together the whole school. Any big ideas for SCA for next year?
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What Homecoming Spirit Day would make you dress up next year? *
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What is your favorite part of a pep rally?
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Do you have a theme idea for Homecoming for next year? *
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