Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) Survey for 2015

Parents, teachers, students, staff and community members are once again encouraged to weigh in on the Irvine Unified School District's goals for achievement and school climate as IUSD updates its three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Introduced last year as a component of California’s new funding formula, the LCAP requires school districts to identify annual goals, take action and measure progress on a number of fronts, including academic achievement, school climate and parent engagement. Because LCAPs cover three years, IUSD's latest task is to update priorities drafted for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years while considering options for 2017-18.

IUSD's LCAP outlines four primary goals:

1. Ensure all students attain proficiency in the current content standards.
2. Ensure access to rigorous and relevant learning tools, resources, and skills for all staff and students.
3. Cultivate a positive school culture and system of supports for personal and academic growth.
4. Communicate effectively and form strategic alliances to secure the support and resources necessary to deliver our vision.

Your participation in this process is critical. Please take a moment to check out IUSD's most recent LCAP at www.iusd.org/LCFF-LCAP or a summary of district goals and actions at http://tinyurl.com/llhkcgr. Then take a few minutes to complete the brief survey below.

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    Professional learning for staff
    Implementation of California state standards
    Maintain district science program
    Increased pupil allocation to sites
    Maintain gifted programs
    Maintain/expand summer school programs
    Site-level technical support staff
    District/site technology infrastructure
    Site technology mentors/integration coaches
    Administrative support at all sites
    Coordinator of mental health and 504 plans
    Increased elementary counseling and Project Success hours
    Class-size reduction
    Increased parent engagement opportunities
    Parenting classes and services
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