Boss Babe Ambassador Application
Now recruiting Regional Ambassadors for your local area! Empowered Boss Babes™ is the local source for empowering women. Serve as a leader in your community by becoming a local Ambassador for a Boss Babes group in your area. Our BBAs host an online space with for weekly engagement. They also organize monthly training and networking events to support their local female entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional women.

Definition of a Boss Babe: A professional woman, or lady entrepreneur, who runs her own business, wants to start a biz, or maybe she is simply a bada$$ at whatever she does. Either way, as a center of influence, she knows what she wants and goes for it!

Governing body: Empowered Boss Babes™

Our Mission: To inspire and build a tribe of like-minded, positive women, who want to help each other grow personally and professionally.

Our Vision: Creating economic growth, financial stability, and social transformation by forming a network of empowered women, in multiple cities around the world.



We accept enthusiastic women leaders and influencers to be the face and voice of Empowered Boss Babes™. As a local group leader, you will be involved in increasing brand awareness through community groups and social media. You will work closely with EBB leadership and other BB Ambassadors to communicate the value of our mission to members of your group, and representing the brand at training and events.

To excel in this role, you will need to express excellent communication and networking skills, with a consistent presence on social media.



1) To empower yourself, as well as other like-minded women in your community
2) To create a safe space for female entrepreneurs, biz owners and professional women to engage socially/virtually
3) To enhance & promote local businesses
4) To generate personal development and business growth opportunities
5) To build beneficial relationships
6) To inspire & motivate others
7) To initiate thought-provoking conversations on productivity, wellness, business, & more
8) To serve others in your community
9) To influence economic growth, social transformation and financial stability
10) To support those who need encouragement (including small businesses, nine-to-fivers, mompreneurs, unemployed, even multi-income earners - all of these women in your community need support!)



>> Familiarizing yourself with the company’s mission, vision, and goals.
>> Educating members and the community about our purpose.
>> Organizing monthly training and networking events. (min 2 monthly events, in-person or virtual)
>> Being active on social media in order to help women feel connected.
>> Building rapport with business women/owners in your communities.
>> Monitoring member feedback and escalating issues to leadership.
>> Representing the company and your group at training and events, and in your community.
>> Brainstorming ideas and participating in training for BB Ambassadors through private Facebook group and attend monthly BB Ambassador meeting (via video).

***Maintain a positive image of Empowered Boss Babes™at all times.***

1) Maintain social media profile (BB Facebook group)
-- daily engagement
-- accept new members
-- interact with members (as yourself)
-- delete irrelevant content
-- promote positivity

2) Update events calendar in your Facebook BB group and on EBB website (under your city):
-- 1 training per month. Training (included for Gold members
-- 1 mixer per month. Mixers are open to all members. (no agenda)

(Examples of training agenda will be sent to accepted applicants)

3) Set the example (refer to definition of a Boss Babe)
-- be supportive
-- show up
-- lead from the front

The BB Ambassador position asks for a 1-year commitment. After submitting this application and upon your interview, you will receive additional documents for your review: 1) Ambassador Program, 2) Membership Plan.

》This is currently a volunteer position in your community. However, we are working on a commission-based plan for early 2021 for our Ambassadors.



》Prior experience in a customer service environment or groups
》Excellent verbal and written communication skills
》Friendly, approachable, and outgoing personality
》Working knowledge of social media platforms and tools
》Adaptable with the ability to prioritize tasks
》(Recommended) 30-min to 1-hour per day to interact with your groups, plan events, visit/support local businesses, engage with your community and members
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