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If your organization does not have any funds, you are welcome to use Loomio for free!

By 'no funds', we mean groups that do not have organized funds in a bank account, salaries are not being paid, and your group is not generating income.

If you are an organization with limited funds and can't afford the subscription price you may also apply to use Loomio for free for 12 months to help you get established. For example a start up, fledgling co-operative or non profit.

Loomio is a social enterprise and worker-owned cooperative. We operate an ethical business model based on paid subscriptions to support operations and continue development of Loomio.

We respect your privacy and will never sell your data to third parties, nor put advertising into Loomio.

So help us to help you :-) Tell us how you are using Loomio (or intending to). The valuable work you are doing in your community is very interesting to us and can inspire other Loomio users.

We will not publicly share any information provided in this form without seeking your permission.

We aim to respond to you within 48 hours.

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