PLSAS "Meals To Go" Order Form, 3rd - 12th Grade and DLA Students

Please complete this form if you are interested in FREE curbside pick-up, breakfast and lunch meals for your students from PLSAS LakerMarketplace. This order form is for meals for the coming Wednesday through the following Tuesday. It is not necessary to fill it out more than once for the week.

The order form is open from Friday, late afternoon through the following Monday at 12:00pm.

While the district is in the Hybrid or Distance Learning model, we will be rotating our meal offerings between weekly meal kits and five-day meal bundles. These options are available for 3rd-12th grade students and students enrolled in Distance Learning Academy.

Pick-up locations will be at Prior Lake High School, Hidden Oaks and Twin Oaks only. You may pick up all of your children’s meals at that designated school. Pick-up locations are determined by the first letter of the oldest student's last name and are as follows:

Prior Lake High School Last Name Begins with: A - K
Hidden Oaks Last Name Begins with: L - P
Twin Oaks Last Name Begins with: Q - Z

Curbside pick-up will ONLY be on Wednesday's, between 10:00am-12:00pm. Please look for signage at your designated pick-up location.

Meal bags are available to all children, ages 18 and under.

NOTE: If parents/guardians pick up meals with no children present, they may only pick up meals for the children in their household. Children picking up DO NOT need to have a parent/guardian present.
I would like to use the curbside pick-up option, based on my oldest student's last name, on Wednesday's from 10:00am - 12:00pm at the following school: *
I have the following number of children in my household that will be receiving meals: *
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