SENSE8 - Availability Form - Shoot Days #9-17

SENSE8, (, is currently filming in Chicago. We will be filming for approximately 22 shooting days, ending around August 10th.

I will be doing availability forms in 8 day blocks. This is the second block which will cover the next 8 days of shooting, from Tuesday July 22th until Thursday July 31st.

I will post subsequent availability forms as we progress through the schedule.

In this second round of availability, we will need GANG MEMBERS and PRISONERS on the 22nd, 23rd and 25th. DOCTORS AND NURSES on July 23rd. These dates are still TBD and may change.

To utilize this form, you MUST be currently registered with Atmosphere Casting. We do this to ensure that we have all of your information and pictures on file before we book you. If you just fill out this form and we have no information or pictures of you, we will not book you to work, so please make sure you are registered prior to submitting this form.

If you are not registered and need instructions on how to do so, simply answer "No" on the Eligibility Verification question and you will be taken to a page detailing how to register with us. We recommend updating your registration yearly or if any of your information or look changes.

By submitting your answers to this form, you are stating that you have 100% OPEN AVAILABILITY for all of the shooting dates that you select. This means, if/when we call or email you to work, you will be available.

Submitting responses to this form is not a booking and in no way a guarantee of selection or work.

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