Swarms.ie - Established Colony Tracker
This tracker if for documenting honeybee colonies already living in property and not immediately accessible during COVID. All details provided are kept confidentially by Swarms.ie and used solely for the purpose of getting the bees removed from your property. Once a beekeeper has agreed to do a removal, the client contact details will be shared with them. (ie Name, Eircode, Phone & condition of colony)
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Is there anyone living at the property who is sensitive to anaphylaxis?
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Is the area the bees are going in and out of rotten material at all (roof\wall etc)?
If the bees are above 10 foot, scaffolding may be required for safety.
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You understand that we are not builders or roofers, we can't repair any damage to the building the bees are in, either caused by the bees or as part of our removal (broken tiles etc), what we provide is bee removal first and foremost, and next we aim to remove as much wax\honey as possible. If the bees are in a place that is rotten\damaged, you will need to hire the services of a professional to address that. The beekeeper is not liable for any future leaks or issues, we only take responsibility of getting the bees out. Do you agree to this limitation of service? *
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