​"School of Disobedience" Application Form
The Summer Trimester is composed of 1 individual online coaching session and 8 live group classes.
- If you apply for the whole program, it is free of charge.
​- Participants can also apply independently for each class. In that case, the tuition fee is 3-8€ / h, depending on your financial situation.

CLASS 1: "Coaching session" (ONLINE)
May 8: 45 minutes between 10-13h
May 9: 45 minutes between 10-13h

CLASS 2-3: "Who is the boss?" (LIVE CLASS)
15 May: 14-20h
16 May: 10-15h
+ Final outdoor showings (optional)

​CLASS 4-5: "The Sacred Ritual"​ (LIVE CLASS)
22 May: 14-20:00h
23 May: 10-15:00h
+ Final outdoor showings (optional)

29 May: 14-20h
30 May: 10-15h
+ Final outdoor showings (optional)

12 June: 10-13h + 14-17h
13 June: 10-13h + 14-17h
+ Final outdoor showings (optional)

Venue for the LIVE CLASSES:
- ZéróPlusz Dance Studio (Jurányi u. 1., Budapest, Hungary)
- A4 - Zero Space (Karpatská 2, 811 05, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Participant's profile:
Open for all women ​(independent of age, professional or educational background etc.)

Number of participants:
- ONLINE COACHING SESSIONS: 6 places (1 person / 45 min)
- LIVE CLASSES: 8 places

​Tuition fee:
- If you apply for the whole program, it is free of charge.
- If your apply independently for only one or a few class, then the tuition fee is 3-8€ / h, depending on your financial situation.

Application deadline: April 30, 2021

Information about the program:

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The "School of Disobedience" is an alternative, critical and experimental performance art school and fight club at the same time. Why do you want to participate in this program, what do you think this program can bring to you, and what do you think you can bring to other participant's?
The "School of Disobedience" is a non-judgmental and non-hierarchical space for producing and sharing knowledges and tools, develop new forms of relational aesthetics based on empathy, inclusion, connection and collective creation. Is this an utopia?
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